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Sunday, July 3, 2011

The Second Fly Caster: Fatherhood, Recovery, and an Unforgettable Tournament
Randy Kadish
Smashwords Edition 4/6/11

   Erik, a young boy is very proud of his father, a tournament fly caster champion. Various events lead young Erik to question many things he holds dear in his life. A stranger shows up at a fishing tournament and things are not as they seem, an older Erik is called to the Vietnam war and demons start to plague him, he is called home from the army because of his dying father, then more then demons haunt him when he begins drinking just like his father.
   This is not my typical read; but a good story non the less. The fly fishing part holds no interest to me. Number 1, I hate fishing and number 2, I don't understand the terminology. You don't need to know anything about fishing, however to enjoy the story. There are lessons to be learned and forgiveness that needs given. Erik has to learn that life is not always as it appears  and that even adults have to believe in themselves and forgive themselves for what they are not. This is a wonderful story of a boy and his dad and that boy loving his father and letting go of things that one cannot control. This is a quick read and is easily read in one sitting. I highly recommend it.

I give The Second Fly Caster  4 out of 5 stars

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