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Monday, December 12, 2011

Review of Cold River

Cold River
Liz Adair
Walnut Springs Press 2011
ISBN 9781599928036

   Mandy Steenburg accepts a job as the school superintendent in the Pacific Northwest timber country to escape a disastrous romance. She is convinced she is prepared for the job until she discovers that the community is not happy with her being there. Someone is definitely not thrilled she is there when several attempts on her life occur.
   The former superintendent, Grange Timberlain, does not appear too thrilled she is there and they have more then one confrontation. A feud exists between Grange and Vince Lafitte, a member of the school board, that goes way back. When Vince shows an interest in Mandy, is Grange annoyed with Mandy or Vince? Does he have other motives for his annoyance?
   All in all this was a very good story except that the storyline moves a bit slow at the beginning. Mandy goes in expecting to take over and finds herself at a disadvantage because most of the town is against her. She is determined to succeed; but she seems to be fighting a losing battle. She attempts to hide her frustration; but the tears seem to get the best of her at times. She seems to have a hangup on the staff calender and expects it to be accurate at all times. It seems to show just a bit too much emphasis on something not so important.   In the beginning Grange appears to take an instant dislike to Mandy. Out of the blue, that seems to change and there is nothing to indicate the change of heart. It just is. This kind of threw me off for a bit. There are some other characters who are not what they appear to be; but I will leave it at that so as not to add spoilers. If you like a good story that will keep you guessing with a bit of romance and mystery thrown in, you are sure to enjoy this book.
   I wish to thank the publisher for providing me with an pdf copy for reading and reviewing purposes. I was not required to write a positive review. I was not compensated in anyway except for receiving the file to read.

I give Cold River 4 out of 5 stars



  1. IT sounds good, but is it more romance or thriller... or?

  2. Not much romance and not much thriller. Not really sure where it would fall.

  3. Hmm - that's not good. Perhaps the author needs to tighten it up a bit. It does sound like a book I'd like to try.


    Happy Reading!

  4. Thanks for reviewing Cold River. You bloggers do a great service to authors and readers alike.

  5. You are welcome. Thank you for the opportunity.