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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Review of Valentine Submission

Valentine Submission
Valentine Submission
Sue Lyndon
Free Kindle Edition 2/2012

   Anne has just been through a very nasty divorce. Reservations for a friend's B&B had been made at the ocean before the divorce, so, Anne decides to keep them because she is in need of some rest and relaxation. She is not sure how Jack will react to her arriving because he is technically her ex-husband's friend. She need not fear because Jack is more then happy to see her. He has difficulty staying at arm's length because he is feeling chemistry for her and he is afraid it is too soon after the divorce.
   Jack is a widow and has decided it is time to move on. Anne was friends with his former wife so she knows that Jack is a Dom. She asks him to teach her about BDSM and the story flies from there. Anne is a bit leery when the teaching begins; but she trusts Jack and is willing to do whatever he asks. As things heat up, Anne realizes she is falling for Jack so she gets scared and leaves without a word. The Dom side takes over and Jack goes after her. He has a special surprise for her on Valentine's Day. If she thinks she can get away so easily, she is sadly mistaken.
   This is a short, fast read that sucks you in from the get go. For such a short read, the storyline is well written and developed. The characters are both endearing, especially Jack. The basics of BDSM and the toys of the trade are introduced. If reading about BDSM is offensive to you, then don't read the book. If you like your storyline a bit risque with Doms, slaves, and toys, then you will definitely like this one. I highly recommend it.
   I received this as a free kindle book from amazon. 

I give Valentine Submission 5 out of 5 stars


  1. Sounds like a good read,and sometimes short reads are just what I want.

  2. I really enjoyed it Donna. Thank you for stopping by and reading my review.