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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Review of Under Fire

Under Fire
Catherine Mann 
Sourcebooks 2012
ISBN 9781402245039

   Pararescueman, Liam McCabe, met Rachel Flores six months ago in the aftermath of a horrific earthquake in the Bahamas. (Hot Zone) They have an explosive first meet and have not seen each other since. Liam has made numerous attempts; but Rachel has ignored his repeated requests to see her. Liam has been unable to forget her and is quite surprised when she shows up unexpectedly at his door. He is not prepared for her claims of a high ranking traitor in the military. Will he be able to believe her?
   Rachel has left her dog rescue to train dogs to work with people with medical conditions like her friend Brandon. Brandon is a military cop, who is on leave because of a severe case of PTSD. Brandon is the one who told Rachel about the military traitor. Unsure of who to turn to when all attempts to the proper channels failed, she turns to the one person she trusts, Liam. Liam thinks she is being duped by Brandon until Rachel's entire block is burned to the ground. Their entire existence becomes a game of cat and mouse. Will they be able to identify the traitor before it is too late for them all?
   This is the third book in The Elite Force series. It started out a bit slow, but picked up nicely and I was not able to put the book down.  Of all the characters, I like Liam the most. Even though he has been unsuccessful in love and marriage, he has a bit of a bad boy image that just makes you love him. Rachel drove me a bit mad with her back and forth in decisions. There is another romance blossoming with Brandon and the dog sitter, Catriona. Brandon is a bit "gun shy," no pun intended, because of his PTSD; but you can tell Catriona is getting under his skin. Catriona has a poor self-image because of the way she was brought up. She is the one person who looks past the ill Brandon and sees him for who and what he truly is. The story line is well written and holds your interest after you get past the first couple chapters. If you enjoy a good romance with a bit of action and mystery built in, this is the book for you. You can easily read this installment without having read the other two; but I do recommend you also checking those two out.
   I  wish to thank Sourcebooks for providing me with a copy for reading and reviewing purposes. I was not required to write a positive review. I was not compensated in any way except for receiving the ebook to read and review.

I give Under Fire 4 out of 5 stars

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