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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Comments on My Sweet Angel

My Sweet Angel

My Sweet Angel
Roy F. Berina
Published by Roy F. Berina
Amazon Kindle Edition

      This book is an  Amazon Kindle version and is comparable to a novella size book. Okay. Where do I begin? This book takes you on a bit of a roller coaster ride. This story brings into play the reality of abuse in an adult, as well as, a young child. Maybe not a pleasant topic to read or think about; but a harsh reality non the less. Many who read this book may wonder why a woman would stay with a man who abuses her; but the truth is, most are afraid to leave. Angeline is actually a very strong young woman who becomes stronger by doing what must be done in order to survive. The young child is Guilia. See is entrusted to a daycare while her single mom is working. I love the way the author brings Angeline into the life of young Giulia. I was quite surprised at the turn of events when this happens; but you will have to read the story yourself to find out what happens. This book would make a great teaching tool for a group interested in this topic. My only regret is that the story was not longer. The book is well worth the read if you have any interest in the subject matter or if you know of anyone in similar circustances. I also would recommend this story to anyone who just lives in the real world. It is more common then you think. I give this novella 4 out of 5 stars.

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