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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Olga A Daughter's Tale

Olga: A Daughter's Tale

Olga A Daughter's Tale
Written and Published by
Marie-Therese Browne
ISBN 9781847530479

   This is a true story about a young, innocent, coloured, Catholic woman (Olga) who goes to England in 1939 to stay with her alcoholic aunt. Her intent is to remain there for six months; but war and circumstances prevent her from returning to her home and family in Jamaica. The story begins around 1900 and spans approximately fifty years.
   The book starts with a brief history of Jamaica. There is just enough history given so the reader knows what is happening and why; but does not smother you with so much it is boring. The major portion of the book is done in a diary format with entries by Olga's Aunt Lucy, her mother Becky and Olga herself. The entries were very well done and each one flowed nicely into the next. There were also pictures scattered throughout the book which I found quite effective in bringing the story to life.
   The story line was never dull. The history of this family and how they evolved was quite amazing. You have interracial marriage in a time and place where it just wasn't done. There is murder, voodoo, racial prejudice not only by the whites; but also those of color. This is only the beginning. You will have to read the book for yourself because I don't want to give away the story.
    I wish to thank Marie Campbell, (Marie-Therese Browne), for asking me to read and review her book. I must also thank Carol Bridgestock for giving my name to Marie and recommending me. I only hope I will have done the book justice. I have to say that this is not my usual type of read. I generally go for "no brainer" reads. I read for fun and enjoyment and don't want to think about what I am reading. This book pulled me in from the very start. I could not put it down. I got completely caught up in the history of this family. Even though I kind of knew where the story was headed, I was still thrown a little off guard at the end. This book can easily be read in one sitting and I highly recommend it.
    I obtained my copy from Smashwords for free in an eBook form for my kindle. It is also available in other formats on the same site. It can also be found on LuLu.com in paperback and PDF format.

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