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Monday, August 29, 2011

Review of Emily Dahill CID Part 1

Emily Dahill, CID Part One by Lindsay Downs
Emily Dahill CID Part 1
Lindsay Downs
Astraea Press 2011
ISBN 978-1-963852-51-2
   Emily Dahill is assigned to a special mission to transfer a high profile prisoner of Al-Qaida, from Tuz to Baghdad. After the mission she is to begin training to become a CID Special Agent. The transfer does not go as planned and Emily awakens to find herself in the hospital. Once cleared for duty, she finds herself with a new partner. A very special collie, she has named Dakota.
   Because this is only Part 1 of the Emily Dahill CID book, I have over simplified the synopsis in an attempt to prevent spoilers. This first part was only thirty-seven pages long. This was quite an enjoyable read despite the short length. Emily is a rather feisty soldier who is not afraid to say what she thinks. Her partner, Dakota, is a rather interesting sidekick. He has his own personality and he manages to make you chuckle. I will be curious to see what the two of them get into next. My only complaint about the story was the shortness of it. I would like to see the story expanded and made into a full length book. At this point, I don't have any idea of how many parts will be in the finished work. If you like animals and a quick read that can be read in one sitting, check it out. I will be keeping my eye open for the next installment.
   I wish to thank Astraea Press for providing me with a copy to review. I was not required to write a positive review. I was not compensated in anyway except for receiving a copy of the ebook to read.
I give Emily Dahill CID Part 1  4 out of 5 stars

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