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Monday, June 11, 2012

Interview with Katja Rusanen

It is my pleasure to welcome Katja Rusanen to my blog today for some questions and answers. If you have any questions for her afterwards, please don't hesitate. I am sure she will be happy to answer for you. So, let's get started.

1-Tell us a little bit about yourself.
I was born in Finland and lived there for many years but I always knew that one day I’ll move abroad. That day came ten years ago when I escaped the cold winters to the warmer climate. I moved to Mallorca then to London before settling down to Barcelona where I’ve been living since 2004. I dedicate my time to Spiritual Life Coaching and Soul Plan Readings as well as writing transformational novels and actively help people to live their life to the fullest through workshops and other public speaking opportunities. I have a soft spot in my heart for the Amani Children’s Home (www.amanikids.org) who has my ongoing support.

2-What does a Spiritual Life Couch do?

Spiritual Life Coaching is all about personal growth and development. I specialize in assisting people in breaking through mental and emotional challenges and moving forward towards what they really want to achieve in their lives.
As a Spiritual Life Coach I work with the clients to increase their awareness and understanding both of themselves and their current life situation, identify and clarify their goals and visions, expand their awareness of their thoughts, feelings and actions, and how to align them with the goals they want to achieve and develop strategies and action plans to help them achieve these goals.

3-How did you become involved with the Amani Children's Home and what exactly is the purpose of it?
When I decided to climb up to Mt. Kilimanjaro, the highest free standing mountain in Africa (5895 metres), I wanted to do it for local charity. I chose Amani Children’s Home as they are committed to reducing the number of children living on the streets in Tanzania by providing a nurturing place for homeless children to heal, grow, and learn. They are rescuing children, transforming lives, and restoring hope, one child at a time. I visited them before and after my climb and could witness with my own eyes that they are doing incredible work with these children. I’ve posted some photos from my visit to my Facebook page (www.facebook.com/rusanenkatja), so you can check out the smiles that melted my heart.
If you want to find out more about Amani Children’s Home, please visit their website www.amanikids.org.

4-What is a Soul Plan Reading? Give the reader's a shortened version.
A Soul Plan Reading is based on your full birth name and it’s an extremely powerful tool for discovering the talents that will help you to overcome your life challenges and to achieve your full potential and destiny.
Understanding your life lessons and challenges, your talents and skills, and your goals can be a very liberating experience and can begin a process of personal transformation. It can help to explain certain life themes, why we attract, repeat and draw certain experiences. It can transform your life as you discover your greatest potential and renew a sense of purpose, or perhaps illuminate a completely new direction.
Many report significant shifts and changes in their lives from receiving a Soul Plan Reading.

5-I know you are a motivational speaker. Does all of your interests overlap or are they separate?
I never dreamt of becoming a motivational speaker, I was even scared of giving a presentation at school! But then I discovered that there was a great urge inside me pushing me towards this direction, I have a desire to share the lessons I’ve learned and the knowledge that I’ve gathered on my journey. I’m speaking about life transformation as I want to help people to overcome their challenges, and to live a full and balanced life. The topics vary from how to silence the inner critic to how to heal after a loved one's suicide. I talk also about life management to help people to handle better their busy lives. I want to transmit a positive attitude, inspiration and give my audience tangible action steps to follow through. So to answer your question, all my interests are bonded to each other, they are all pieces in the same puzzle.

6-How did your book, And You Must Love Me, come about?

“And You Must Love Me” is my debut novel, and the first part of trilogy. The story has been in my mind for years until one wise man gave me a push that I needed to start writing. I have projected my own experiences and feelings through the novel. It's often said that all fiction has a tiny kernel of truth at its centre, and in this story it's the traumatic event that changes the main character’s life. I want people who are going through the same difficulties to know that they are not alone!
I’m eagerly waiting for feedback from readers and hopefully some of them would be willing to write a review on Amazon and Goodreads.

Please stay tuned tomorrow for my review of this life changing and soul searching book.

 7-What does Katja do for fun and relaxation?
I love spending sunny summer days on the beach, it was one of the reasons why I chose to live in Barcelona… I’m quite sporty person and I like to do yoga, go horse riding and running. I like to travel and see new places and people, it’s very enriching to learn more about different cultures. I  have a 14 years old Staffordshire Bull Terrier, who has the capacity to remove my stress, he is an amazing buddy and I’m very grateful to have him.
8-How can readers contact you?

Readers are welcome to visit my website (www.katjarusanen.com) and email me at info@katjarusanen.com.
You will find my latest updates on my Facebook page(www.facebook.com/rusanenkatja) & on Twitter (@KatjaRusanen).

Once again, I would like to thank Katja for taking time from her busy schedule to tell us about herself and her work. Thank you Katza.

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