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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Review of The Lost King and the Goddess of Time Acadia Book 1

Acadia, Book I: The Lost King and the Goddess of Time

Acadia Book 1
The Lost King and the Goddess of Time
Ali Naqvi
Createspace 2011
ISBN 9781461047285

   Unbeknown to Damont Langorn, he is the only son of a king who has been dead for a thousand years and a mother who is the goddess of time. Damont has nightmares that he realizes is his ability to see into the future. This is the result of his parentage that he is not privy to in the beginning of the story.
   Damont has repeated nightmares of a man in black armor. A voice calls out to him to tell him it is not a nightmare, but the remains of a broken world if he follows his father's path. Damont realizes he must follow the path that is set for him and claim what is rightfully his. If he follows his nightmares, will he be able to defeat the foes that lie in his path?
   Damont, along with a vampire and a sorceress, set out to find the truth; but will he be strong enough to survive if the gods don't wish him to return as the rightful king?
   The author has set forth a unique tale of fantasy and intrigue mixed with vampires and sorcery. Damont is thrown into the land of Haldina where his adventures bring him to encounter numerous foes. He is unable to trust the vampire completely and this causes friction between him and the sorceress. He starts to have feelings for the sorceress and is warned against this by the vampire. During his quest, he is brought face to face with his mother, the goddess of time. The author builds a fantastic world that the reader is able to visualize with the wonderful descriptions by the author. I sometimes became lost in the history and the many characters that were introduced. The author has promised an index in the third book along with maps. I think it would have been much more beneficial to have this with the first book. All in all, this was a wonderful read and I highly recommend it. If you are a fan of fantasy, you cannot go wrong.
   I received a copy from the author for reading and reviewing purposes.

I give this book 4 out of 5 stars 

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  1. Thank you very much Eva for a wonderful review! Your fan,

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