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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Review of His Other Wife

His Other Wife

His Other Wife
Deborah Bedford
Hachette Book Group 2011
ISBN 9780446698672

   Hilary is a busy working mom who loves her son and husband until the day her husband tells her he doesn't love her any longer. He is in love with someone else. Her world crumples around her; but she is determined to raise her son the best she can. She is a devoted loving mother to Seth. When he is close to graduation and ready for college, she doesn't know how she will let him go.
   At Seth's graduation, Hilary's ex-husband decides to bring his entire family including the new wife. The tensions are mounding for all of them, especially for Seth. He does not want to do anything to hurt his mom; but his dad wants to waltz in and make up for the years he hasn't been there.
   Tragedy strikes at a graduation campout that gets out of hand. Seth finds himself in the middle of the nightmare with family conflicts, fears and guilt. Because of Seth's choices, he loses his college scholarship and finds an uncertain future ahead of him. Will this family be able to find a common ground and be able to support whatever is in their future?
   This is a nice christian story full of many conflicts and good and bad choices. In addition, it is a story of love and betrayal and the ability to get past the conflicts, jealousy and unrest. All of the characters are quite interesting and each have their own personal conflicts. The storyline was good in general; but I found it a bit choppy in places and sometimes had a little trouble seeing why we went from one place to another. Overall all it was a good read and I would recommend it.
   I received this book through the Hachette Book Group on Book Blogs through their ARC program. I was not compensated in any way except for receiving the book to review. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions expressed are my own.

I give His Other Wife 3.75 stars out of 5

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