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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Review of The Inconvenient Corpse

The Inconvenient Corpse
The Inconvenient Corpse
A Grace Cassidy Mystery
Jackie King
Deadly Niche Press 2009
ISBN 9780937660539
   Grace Cassidy heads up to Northern California after spotting her husband with his mistress at a business convention. She lands at a bed&breakfast called Wimberly Place. Much to her chagrin, she lands smack dab in the middle of a murder with herself as the prime suspect. To make matters worse, the murdered victim is found stark naked in her bed. The story just gets more interesting and bizarre as the investigation proceeds. Not only is Grace the prime murder suspect; but she has found herself penniless because of her no good husband and gets herself attached to a host of people who appear to have escaped the loony bin.
   Grace becomes acquainted with a couple of the ladies that are spending the summer at the B&B. They all become fond of each other, so when the lecherous Mr. Wimberly's wife plans to get a much needed vacation to Hawaii, Grace gets duped into being the inn sitter. Of course the fact that she needs money and fast is a good incentive. Grace discovers that all of the folks staying at the inn have secrets, so she is determined to be an amateur sleuth to find the real murderer.
   This book is not your usual murder mystery with all the horrors involved. This is a quirky story about a woman who has been scorned and is determined to get her life back. Her life may not be what it was before; but it will be her life. The story has twists and turns just like any other murder mystery; but you have some rather strange and unusual characters that not only liven up the story; but will give you some chuckles along the way.
   This is a light hearted story of murder, friendship, secrets, family and love. It is a wonderful story for you to curl up with and get lost  in for a while. I highly recommend this book for anyone who just enjoys a good read. This was my first read by Jackie King and it will not be my last. I look forward to the next installment of the Grace Cassidy Mystery series.
I give The Inconvenient Corpse 4.5 stars out of 5


  1. Ahh, when is there ever a convenient corpse, huh? I like quirky stories with unusual characters. Great review :)

  2. Great review Eva! You've hit the nail on the head with precision as usual - I've just read it myself!

  3. Love the review Eva. I look forward to reading the book itself!

  4. This sounds good. Certainly a bit different to the crime fiction I've been reading lately. Great review :)

  5. Great review! I'm reading the book now.
    Pat Browning