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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Review of The Immortality Virus

The Immortality Virus
The Immortality Virus
Christine Amsden
Twilight Times Books April 2011
ISBN 9781606190036
   In the mid 21st century, the human race has stopped aging. Those who know the reason why are not talking and the others want to find out why and put the world back the way it was meant to be. The problem is, they tend to disappear. For the elite few, the "Change" means a long life and prosperity. To the masses, it means poverty and starvation.
   Four centuries after the Change, Grace Harper, a blacklisted PI, sets off to find the man responsible and convince him to set things to rights. In addition, her employer, Matthew Stanton, is accused of killing his father. When the police learn of her connection to Matthew, they give her a choice. Help them to find the evidence to convict him or she will find herself dead.
   This is a futuristc science fiction tale where viruses are manipulated to stop the aging process. Not unlike present day, the wealthy will go to great lengths to preserve what is theirs and the less fortunate, do whatever it takes to survive from day to day. Grace has to work from both ends to try and survive by helping the police and at the same time, doing what is asked by her employer. She is taken prisoner and tortured and poisoned in the process. At the same time, she attempts to keep her wits about her in order to find a way to escape. Buried inside this story of intrigue and suspense, is a long buried love story with her former lover from fifty years before. Another attraction is simmering under the surface from the present day despite the dangers that await at every turn.
   The storyline was a bit slow in the beginning; but once you passed the first couple of chapters, the storyline picked up and kept moving until the end. If you are into science fiction, you are sure to enjoy this story. If you just like a good story full of intrigue and mystery, you should also like this story. I highly recommend it.
   I wish to thank the publisher for providing me with a copy for reading and reviewing purposes. I was not required to write a positive review. I was not compensated in anyway except for receiving the book to review.
I give The Immortality Virus 4.5 out of 5 stars

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