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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Review of A Vampire Christmas Carol

A Vampire Christmas Carol
Sarah Gray
Kensington Press
ISBN 9780758266835

   This story follows basically along the lines of the original book except for the fact that Ebenezer Scrooge is a nasty old man because of vampires. The vampires have been after him since birth and have had him fed minute amounts of blood without his knowing it. He is not a vampire; but the Queen of all vampires wants him badly. They are plotting to attack and take over the human race. Tiny Tim is to be a sacrifice.
   Kind and beautiful Belle is a seamstress by day and a vampire huntress by night. She actually provides shelter for those who are displaced because of the vampires. Scrooge's nephew, Fred, and Bob Cratchit are some of Belle's soldiers in the fight against the vampires. Belle is essentially protected against the vampires because she knows who they are and has a special instinct against them.
   Unbeknown to Ebenezer, his new tenants in his basement are the King and Queen of the vampires. Jacob Marley makes a visit to Ebenezer to warn him of the evil lurking around him and convince him of the existence of the vampires. Little does he know that the vampires have many human minions under their wing to aid them in the humans destruction. Scrooge has a short time to make everything right with the world.
   Even though this followed the original tale, it was a very slow and difficult  read for me. I love vampires, but they just didn't fit into the scheme of things with old Ebenezer. It seemed to take forever to get Scrooge to where he should be and then it ended abruptly with Scrooge in love with Belle again. Sometimes, I think the original tales should be left alone. This just may be one of them. I love Christmas tales even if it is not the Christmas season. Sadly, I will have to cross this one off my list.
   This was a book I had won in a drawing from Kensington on twitter. I wish to thank them for providing the book for giveaway.

I give A Vampire Christmas Carol 2 out of 5 stars


  1. That's sad that it was slow and painful. Some good Holiday books I read were A Vampire for Christmas and Jacob T. Marley.

  2. Hi kimba88, thank you for stopping by my blog. I think I read a vampire for Christmas. If it is the one I am thinking of, it was quite good.

  3. A nice review. They seem to adding vampires (or zombies) to a lot of things these days and I agree some stories should not be tampered with too much.

  4. A.F., thank you for stopping by my blog. Glad you liked the review.