"Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body." Sir Richard Steele

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Retiring My Blog

After a great deal of deliberation back and forth on the issue, I have decided to retire my blog at the end of 2012. It may be sooner depending on the commitments I still have in the works. I have every intention of reviewing all that I still have promised to various individuals, as well as, the interviews and such. I will continue to give everything the attention that I have over the last couple of years. Even though I will be closing up the blog, I will continue to promote any and all publishers and authors on facebook and twitter. If any of my trusted authors and publishers want me to review, I will continue to post on amazon and goodreads. I just won't be doing it on a full time basis as I am now. I am regrouping and setting my sights on other things gearing up for retirement in the next couple of years. This does not mean I will be reading less; but the emphasis will not be on getting out all the reviews I do now. I am also planning on getting rid of some of the social site stuff except for facebook, twitter, goodreads and shelfari. I cannot give up my friends on these sites; but some of the others are a waste of precious time. I find myself spending way too much time on the computer. Enough for now. Will keep everyone posted as time draws closer.


  1. Best of luck in all of your endeavors, Eva! Balancing life and commitments is always the most difficult part of any activity, and it's something I think all of the writers and bloggers out there can appreciate and respect.

    Hope to see you around Twitter, etc.



  2. Thank you EJ. I will continue on FB and twitter.

  3. Sad to hear but definitely understand! Blogging is a HUGE time commitment.