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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Review of Lady Languish

Lady Languish
SCD Goff
March 2012
Kindle Edition

   Evangeline's Uncle Malachy terrifies her on her sixteenth birthday and tells her some horrifying things. To protect her, her parents send her to a boarding school where her nightmares just begin. When she receives word that her parents are both killed in an accident, her life will never be the same. After the funeral, she rescues a young man and discovers that the things her uncle told her are probably true.
   This story has some great potential, but needs some serious work. The story line drags and does not flow smoothly. Sometimes it is hard to tell where you are in the story. I don't think this story was edited because there are many mistakes in the story. Not only missing words here and there but also misspelling and poor phrasing. As I said, this story has great potential but needs some serious editing before I would recommend it to anyone else.
   Disclosure: I was provided a copy for reviewing purposes.

I give Lady Languish 2.5 out of 5 stars

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