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Monday, July 30, 2012

Interview with Michaela Debelius and a Review of Decoy

It is my distinct pleasure to welcome Michaela Debelius to my blog today. She is here to answer some questions for us and to give us some insight to her new book Decoy, A Noel Casey Novel. So, lets get started.

Michaela Debelius

1- Tell the readers a little bit about yourself.
My name is Michaela Debelius. I write paranormal and science fiction romance. I grew up in New England but now reside in Arizona with my husband and two furry children. In my opinion, the perfect vacation is a week spent doing nothing but reading. Add in some rain and I’m in paradise.

2- Have you always wanted to be a writer?
I was always enamored with authors. As a child I felt they were untouchable, something akin to being a movie star or famous singer. In a sense that’s very true. It’s a rare person that can rival Stephen King or Nicholas Sparks. But overall, the situation has changed with the invention of e-readers. The opportunity to offer books to readers has become much easier. I’ve always written, whether it be short stories or the obligatory teenage angst poetry, but it wasn’t until a couple of years ago I decided to attempt a novel length piece. Initially I wanted to publish through traditional methods. But as I watched the progression of other self-published authors, I decided to pursue that route. I’m very satisfied thus far.

3- What was your inspiration for Decoy?
There isn’t one defining moment that inspired Decoy. I’ve always enjoyed the idea of military conspiracies. I knew I wanted a strong female character who wasn’t what she appeared to be, which is why I made her very particular about her clothes and make-up even though she’s a brilliant scientist. The story really formed around her. 

4- Do you have a WIP? If so, can you tell us a little about it?
Although there is a sequel to Decoy, my next release is a different storyline about an immortal woman. Unlike most immortal characters, she doesn’t have any special power. She’s jaded and detached, even from her own kind. Her character developed after spending too much time watching the news and thinking about what it would be like to live forever in a world that can often be far too cruel. It’d be easy to become completely overwhelmed with negativity if you felt like life was endless and lacking an 
outcome. Of course, there’s a romantic sub-plot as well.

Decoy’s sequel will be out Summer of 2013.

5- Who is your favorite author and why?
Dean Koontz. He has a way of weaving the abnormal into everyday life that makes the reader feel it’s absolutely plausible to be chased by a maniacal clown hell-bent on revenge. His characters are regular people forced into unusual situations bringing about a “This could happen to anyone” terror. Also, his good guys are always good and his bad guys are always downright deplorable. I like that. I enjoy the cut and dry, black and white. Life is complicated, novels shouldn’t be. When I open a book I want to know, “Okay, we need to hate him.”

6- What do you do for fun and relaxation?
I live in Arizona, which means most of the year is brutally hot. This year happens to be a particularly humid one so it’s getting rather swampy out here! If I’m not swimming, I’m either reading or working on a puzzle. I realize puzzles seem a bit dated for someone in their twenties, but I find it’s the only activity that can quiet my mind. It’s methodical and it doesn’t require much thought. Throw in a cup of tea and I’m ready to channel my inner eighty year old.

7- What has been the most difficult part of writing that you have encountered so far?
Time! I’m not the type of person who can live off caffeine, sleep four hours a night, and complete a novel in two months. At my current rate, it looks like I’ll be a two-novels-a-year author. I have so many stories I’m eager to get on paper, but I just don’t have a lifestyle that lets me write sixteen hours a day. I envy those writers.

8- Do you have a particular routine for your writing or do you write when the mood strikes?
I write Monday-Friday. If I’ve got a deadline to meet I’ll work on Saturdays as well. Sundays are spent with my family. There needs to be at least one day a week where you can reboot. 

Review of Decoy

A Noel Casey Novel
Michaela Debelius
April 2012
Kindle Edition

   Lieutenant Noel Casey is a bit baffled by her new assignment. She is sent in to evaluate and analyze Killian, a genetically altered soldier. Not only does Killian possess exceptional strength, but he is highly intelligent. Casey is not used to working with human subjects, but Killian's indifferent attitude makes it hard to see past his robotic demeanor.
   Killian intervenes on Casey's behalf when she is attacked outside the compound. This intervention leads them onto a new path with their relationship and Killian becomes her protector.
   As times goes by, Casey has terrifying nightmares that causes her to question what she is actually doing on this new assignment. She eventually comes to realize that all of her understanding from her training and education is about to be shattered. Life as she knew it will never be the same again.
   This is a wonderful paranormal romance that keeps you guessing for a while about what is going on in the story. The story line flows well except in the beginning. From my viewpoint, the story dragged in the beginning and spent too much time on all the men hitting on Lt. Casey. Once we pass that point, the story line picked up and kept moving right along. It really had my interest from there and I couldn't put it down. Lt. Casey is a bit of an introvert who just wants to work in a lab where she doesn't have much contact with other people. Killian is this tall, dark and handsome character who just happens to be quite sexy and very mysterious. Throw his twin brother in the mix and we have a very interesting triangle going on. This is not a threesome that you may be thinking. I don't want to say anymore because it would ruin the story for you. If you like paranormal romance with a bit of mystery, I highly recommend this book. I will be looking forward to the next book in the series.
   Disclosure: I was provided a copy for reviewing purposes.

I give Decoy 4 out of 5 stars


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  1. I like the cover of Decoy and the review sounds great. Definitely a unique story. I enjoyed finding out about the author. I can understand how puzzles could be relaxing. In my 20s I loved doing Harry Potter puzzles- and would stay up all night with my roommate until we finished. We probably did 12 different ones- but I haven't really tried other ones. :)