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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Interview with Sara Danielle and a Review of Visions

It is my pleasure to welcome Sara Danielle to my blog today. She is the author of Visions, the first book in the Holly Nather Trilogy and the soon to be released Secrets, the second book in the series. Please help me give her a warm welcome.

1.)    How did you come up with the idea for The Holly Nather Trilogy?
I have a huge imagination and read a lot!  I can’t pinpoint what actually inspired the trilogy.  I always say it all came about from my crazy imagination mixed in with all the books I’ve read and movies I’ve watched.

2.)    Tell the readers a little bit about your book, Visions.
Visions is about a girl named Holly in her first year of college.  She is so consumed with classes and trying to get used to college life that she doesn’t really have time for anything else.  She tries to date – with no success.  She is a magnet for horrible guys.   She gets back to her dorm after another horrible date and receives a text from an unknown number. Holly is scared – yet curious.  Her curiosity wins and she texts the unknown number back.  Holly’s life is in danger instantly.  She will have to make choices that she never thought she would have to make.  Holly makes decisions that –in a normal situation – would have thought more into before agreeing to things.  Holly finds unexpected love and a new life in a new world.

3.)    Is Holly based on anyone you know or is she completely fictional?
Completely fictional mixed with a little bit of my sarcasm.

4.)    Tell us a little bit about Sara Danielle.
I am married to my wonderful husband (almost 9 years!) and we have two daughters – ages 6 and 6 months.   It is obvious that I love to write but of course that is not all I like to do.  I love to spend time with my family, read, travel (when we actually have the time), and teach. 

5.)  Who or what has inspired your writing the most and why?
 My crazy imagination and all of the wonderful books I’ve read.

6.)  Who is your favorite author and why?
Bonnie Lamer.  Not only is she a awesome writer, she is also a great person.

7.)    What do you do for fun or relaxation?
Spend time with my family, it doesn’t matter what we do, when I’m with them I’m happy.  Also, to read, write, and take naps!

8.)    I believe I read on your blog that you are a college student.  What are you studying?
Social Science with a concentration in Education.  I am going to be a teacher.  I teach pre-school right now but want to teach the 7th or 8th grade. I graduate on the 30th of this month!

I just wanted to attach the cover of the second book in the series that is due out the end of the month.

Review of Visions
Holly Nather Trilogy Book #1
Sara Danielle
Smashwords Edition

   Holly is in her first year of college. The most exciting thing about her life is her classes. She has few friends and she has absolutely no luck with guys. To quote Holly, "Every guy I seem to date ends up resembling the reeking material that janitors and plumbers both deal with on a daily basis. You get my metaphor. In summary, it is safe to say that my dating life really, really sucks." 
   She receives a text message from an a stranger who she is convinced is a nut case. The life that Holly knew will never be the same again. She finds herself falling in love with someone from another planet. 
   This is a unique and somewhat amusing tale of the extremely dull Holly Nather who has the fortune or misfortune, depending on how you look at it, of answering a text message of a complete stranger and then agreeing to meet him. He basically kidnaps Holly and she is convinced he is a killer. Nope, no killer just a prince who does magic and is from another planet. Okay, he escaped from the nut house. That is Holly first thought. To make matters worse, his three friends claim to be from another planet also and they too can do magic. Oh, yes. Did I mention, Luke is in love with Holly. Yep, just like that!
   Holly is a sarcastic young teen who I fell in love with from the start. Luke is a cute and also very likable guy. He seems a bit over the top at times; but hey, he is a prince, so I guess it is okay. He starts on several  different occasions to make out with Holly and abruptly stops because he wants to wait until he is married. Oh, yes. We can't forget the fact he left his planet because he was supposed to marry someone else. There is a lot of treachery going on in this story. It gives a new meaning to the saying, "Oh, what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive."
   If you enjoy a different type of tale that has magic, love, treachery and deceit, with some fantasy mixed in, you will surely like this one. It is primarily a YA read but adults will enjoy it also.
   I received this book free from Smashwords for reading and reviewing purposes. I was not required to write a positive review. I was not compensated in any way except to receive a copy of the book.

I give Visions 4 out of 5 stars


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