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Monday, April 30, 2012

Interview with Steven Shrewsbury and a Review of Overkill

It is my pleasure to introduce you all to Steven Shrewsbury, author of Overkill, a Gorias La Gaul tale. He has graciously agreed to stop by my blog today and answer a few questions for us. So, let's get started.

1- Tell us a little bit about yourself and what makes you tick.

SS: Just a rural fella telling tales, blue collar worker and singer of songs. Ok I can't sing, but...I've been telling yarns my entire life. It keeps me from dreaming while asleep. I work hard every day and the writing is a great release, but I write because I have to let it out, not because I think it makes me cool or taller. 

2- What got you started on your road to writing?

SS: Hearing tales from an audio version of the Bible and Tarzan on alternate days as a 5 year old. I think I decided to retell the tales and discovered I could go to hell and get sued for doing that, so, I made up my own stuff. In time, it got better. I read comics a great deal as a kid and teen. not so much now. When my brother came home from the army he left a slew of books by Robert E. Howard, Karl Edward Wagner and Louis L'Amour. I had no choice. 

3- Who or what is your biggest inspiration?

SS: Robert E. Howard, bar none. He still speaks to me. Joke has been for years I'm his reincarnation, yeah with all the hell that brings. My invalid controlling mother is still alive so, here's hoping for a brighter tomorrow. 

4- What has been your biggest obstacle as a writer?

SS: Breaking through to a larger audience but that is changing. Maybe listening to bad advice. 

5- What was your inspiration for Gorias La Gaul?

SS: A bluegrass song by Ralph Stanley (that was around at the time of Shakespeare) and an old Carter family mountain tune had him step into my mind. he just showed up all grizzled and tough.

6- How many books will be in the Gorias La Gaul series? Can you give us a hint what is coming in the future?

SS: I really don't know how many there will be. I don't have a set design or order. I'll write them as they come to me, as Gorias life is long and full of mystery. The next one will be BORN OF SWORDS where Gorias is interviewed and reflects on 2 episodes in his past. I have several more in mind that are simmering. 

7- Do you have any other projects in the works or are you just concentrating on Gorias La Gaul?

SS: Oh, I shift genres all the time. I have horror novels as well due out, HELL BILLY and LAST MAN SCREAMING, plus have a massive epic fantasy done too, unrelated to Gorias. I have several irons in the fire and need to get to honing them. 

8- What and who do you read when you have the time to read for enjoyment?

SS: I'm always searching for a new author to get behind. Joe Abercrombie is good for me now. I find lots of old books at used shops, love doing that. I read Star Wars novels sometimes, but they are sorta tame for me. If someone suggests a new author or title, I;m there. I just read Brady Allen's BACK ROADS & FRONTAL LOBES collection, very good stuff. Eric S. Brown is doing great things as well. At times, I'll lie back with Raymond Chandler and relax. Author Randy Chandler is damn good, too. There are so many great authors in the small press, Bob Freeman, Angie Hawkes Fulbright, I hate to leave any out.

Steven Shrewsbury
Seventh Star Press 2012
ISBN 9781937929800

   Once upon a time, the world was a place of witches and warriors and until they were destroyed, dragons. A great flood turned the earth into a place that time forgot. In this world, fallen angels spawned evil offspring, man could live for centuries, and many men found enjoyment in a brothel.
   In the area known as Transalpina, a new religion is spreading and men of importance are dying mysteriously from what looks like the fire of dragon's breath; but aren't dragons no longer alive? Queen Garnet summons Gorias La Gaul to find her granddaughter, the rightful heir to the throne, before someone else claims the throne. Deliverance will come for Gorias; but first, he has some women to love, secrets that he needs to discover, and killing that must be done.
   This is a fantastic book of adventure, fantasy, and a stud man bigger then life, Gorias La Gaul. This story starts off with a bang and doesn't let up until the mind boggling conclusion that has you saying, "how in the heck did that happen?" This story is not for the faint of heart. There is hard core, gruesome killing throughout and Gorias has no remorse about any of it. Then again, he wouldn't be Gorias La Gaul. He also loves the ladies and has no problem sating his appetite with anyone who asks. Mind you, this is some feat for a seven hundred plus year old man. He does not lack in the virility department. I think I may have fallen in love with Gorias myself. 
   The story is full of twists and turns that keep you on the edge of your seat and has you begging for more. An elite member of the Queen's guard, Alena, along with her servant, Orson, accompany Gorias on the adventure to find the missing heir. They are forced to fight pirates, monsters, and magic before they can deliver Nykia to her grandmother. Treachery and deception are afoot and it is up to Gorias to save the day.
   If you are a fan of fantasy, dragons, magic and the like, you will love this book. If you just enjoy a great story that is fast paced and keeps you guessing till end, this one is for you. 
   I wish to thank Seventh Star Press for providing me with a copy for reading and reviewing purposes. I was not compensated in any way except to receive the book to review in exchange for an honest review.

I give Overkill 5 out of 5 stars 

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