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Monday, August 20, 2012

Interview with Desiree Finkbeiner

It is my pleasure to welcome the multi-talented, Desiree Finkbeiner, to my blog today. She is not only a fantastic writer, but she is an illustrator and designer. Please help me welcome her to my blog today.

1- Tell the readers a little bit about yourself.

I'm a mother of 4 children and currently training a micro potbelly pig to certify as an autism therapy animal. So on top of my writing and art, I stay busy constantly.

2- How long have you been writing and what other projects have you completed besides Ethos?

I've been creating little books since I was a child, but wrote my first middle grade novel at age 12. Then spent several years interested in poetry and songwriting (wrote hundreds of songs) and recorded and released seven studio albums as a songwriter. Then took a break for babies till I picked writing back up seriously in 2009. I wrote a 155,000 urban fantasy/crime thriller but set it aside after it didn't pick up any speed with publishers. After joining a critique group, my skills were sharpened and then I hit the keyboard and started writing the Ethos series. Ethos, Morning Star, received three offers for publication within the first couple weeks of submissions. 

I signed with Hydra Publications because the staff was friendly and honest. Aside of the Ethos series, I am also working on a steampunk series called. 'The Elevator'.

3- What was the inspiration for Ethos Morning Star?

It all started with the dragonfly. I developed a plot around something I thought would attract readers based on what was selling well in the art and writing markets, then just gave them my own spin.

Please watch for my review of Ethos Morning Star which will be posted here on my blog tomorrow. I will include the book trailer and some wonderful pics from the print book version.

4- Did you create the art work and the cover design for your book?

I did. First and foremost, I am an illustrator and designer, so I felt it would be a waste not to lend my skills to help package my writing as well.

5- Do you have a WIP? If so, can you tell the us about it?

'The Elevator' is a steampunk sci-fi for young adults that borrows elements from the Matrix, 1984, Inception and City of Ember with a unique twist. Not sure if that helps describe what the story would be like, but my son (who loves sci-fi) is crazy about this story. 
In short: Boy's father and friend goes missing b/c they 'ask too many questions'. Thought crimes are punishable by imprisonment or death. Boy discovers a link with disappearances and these strange 'inspectors' walking around the city with clip boards. He traces them all back to City Hall, where he discovers a strange elevator that seems to be the source of the inspectors. A conspiracy is uncovered that changes everything the boy believes about the world he was born into. No spoilers on where the elevator goes, but he discovers a sinister plot and tries to save his friends and family from what he discovers... before it is too late.

6- I know you worked with a band, do you miss it or do you keep your hand in the business in some way?

The music industry is pretty much a thing of the past. One cannot be 'partially involved' with music it seems. It's all or nothing, and I'd rather devote my creativity to literary arts and visual art. Part of me misses it, but I have found my place in the literary and arts worlds, and I love it! I prefer to just play music for my kids now.

7- Are you still involved with your art work as much as before or has your writing forced you to cut back?

Obviously, I have to divide the time, but the two go hand in hand. I work with a lot of other authors to design book covers and work with the art too... design and promotional materials for my own writing etc. It's like having my own built in designer and publicist.

8- Where can we find your art work?

Here are the various links where you can find Desiree and her work:

Publisher: Hydra Publications (March 28, 2012) www.hydrapublications.com
Author websitewww.finkartstudio.com
Author facebook fanpagewww.facebook.com/finkartstudio
Author twitterhttps://twitter.com/finkart
Author Blog on Bloggerhttp://desireefinkbeiner.blogspot.com/

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