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Monday, August 27, 2012

Review of Blood Bonds

Blood Bonds
Levi Montgomery
CreateSpace May 2012
ISBN 9781461115687

   Denny and Mikey were best friends, blood brothers, after being spit brothers as young boys. One day, Mikey is whisked away by his father never to be seen again. Life goes on and Denny grows up and marries the girl he has loved since he was a boy. He remains in his small hometown and works the family farm after his parents die. Many years later, Michael, the blood brother Mikey,  and successful lawyer, returns. Things just aren't what they seem. An evil lurks under the surface just simmering to get out.
   The basic premise behind this story was very good. There is a love story with some drama and evil waiting to get out. The story did not flow very smoothly though. It bounced around in time frame a bit and became a little confusing. It made for a jerky feeling to the story line. There were spots where sentences were duplicated in the same paragraph and spots where words were missing and some spelling errors. It could have used some good editing. For this reason, it kind of turned me off from the story. I had some difficulty getting through the book. I think with some good editing, it could be a really good story. For this reason, I could not give it a higher rating.
   Disclosure: I was provided a copy for reviewing purposes.

I give Blood Bonds 3 out of 5 stars.

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