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Monday, August 6, 2012

Review of Deadly Policy

Deadly Policy
A Silver Sleuth Mystery
Mitzi Kelly
Avalon Books 202
ISBN 9780803474734

   A rash of stolen cars brings Millie's daughter and her boss under suspicion because all the cars are insured by their company. Good old Millie convinces her two best friends and neighbors, Edna and Trish, to help her find who is responsible and clear her daughters name. Of course, the chief of police, Henry Espinoza, is not going to help because he is not concerned with car thefts. Millie decides they have to come up with a plan to make him want to help. The problem is, there is no love loss between Millie and the Chief. It will take everything Trish and Edna can do to keep their friend out of trouble and out of the Chief's hair.
   This is the second book in the Silver Sleuth Mystery Series. I read the first one and enjoyed it; but I have to say this one is even better. Millie is the most cantankerous old woman and you just want to choke her at times. She is, however, true to a fault and would do anything to protect her family and friends. She has a mouth that won't quit and storms ahead with no thought to her actions. She will have you laughing out loud. Trish is a bit of a whip, but she can't take charge worth a hoot. Edna is sweet and soft spoken and has absolutely no backbone. They are the three most unlikely friends you would ever want to meet. Add in the fact they go off like a trio of inept investigators, and a police chief who would like to strangle Millie and you have a humorous, totally unbelievable mystery. On the other hand, it becomes so ridiculous it is funny and believable. If you enjoy a funny and outrageous mystery, you will love this one. It is a no brainer read that will give you a great deal to smile about. Makes for a wonderful afternoon read with a good cup of tea. I highly recommend it.
   Disclosure: I was provided a copy for reviewing purposes.

I give Deadly Policy 5 out of 5 stars

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