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Saturday, January 1, 2011

An Amish Christmas

An Amish Christmas

An Amish Christmas
Cynthia Keller
Ballantine 2010
ISBN 9780345523785

   Meg Hobart has everything she could ever want. She has the ideal life in Charlotte, North Carolina with a handsome, successful husband and three wonderful children. It all comes crashing down when her husband James confesses he has lost his job and has brought the family to financial ruin. They bag up everything that will fit in their car and leave their golden life behind. Even though they are now homeless, Meg is more concerned if she will ever trust James again. Not only that; will she be able to stay married to him.
   A twist of fate leads them to the home of an Amish family in Pennsylvania. The children have major difficulty staying there faced with the loss of all of the things they hold dear, such as their cell phones and computers. Meg is not only confronted with their anger; but begins to realize how extremely selfish her children have become. Faced with such an uncertain future; will the family ever be whole again?
   With the Hobarts forced to remain in Pennsylvania, will the children be able to fit in or will they continue to be rude to the very people who have taken them into their home? With the Christmas season fast approaching, the children will soon see what hard work and sacrifice are all about.
   This is a nice Christmas story filled with laughter and love. A story of some of the most simple values of life. A story of forgiveness and the true meaning of love. Even though it was a nice story, I found it dragged quite a bit in spots. I also found the children overbearing and unlikable. Actually I was not too fond of the entire family. I find it rather difficult to truly enjoy a book when I don't like most of the characters. Fortunately, by the latter part of the book, I did begin to like them. Overall, it was an okay read; but I only give it three stars.
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