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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Review of Sarah's Garden

Sarah's Garden (Patch of Heaven, #1)

Sarah's Garden
Kelly Long
Thomas Nelson 2010
ISBN 9781595548702

   Sarah King loves nothing more then to be in her beloved garden. She loves planting, designing and drying seeds for future gardens. Her gardens make her alive in ways that nothing else can. She is alone with her thoughts and her communion with the Lord. Family duty, however, forces her to abandon the thing she loves  and take over the family fruit stand that she knows nothing about.
   Grant Williams leaves the city to open a veterinarian practice in Amish country. From the minute he meets the shy and feisty Sarah, he is attracted to her.
   As the two of them become friends, their feelings grow for each other. Sarah makes it clear they can never be together because she would have to leave everything that she holds dear. During the long winter, Sarah begins making a quilt that signifies the pain she is feeling. Will the love she has for Grant ever come to pass?
   This is a wonderful story of forbidden love and the heartache that results when two people come from entirely different worlds. It is the story of faith and trust in the Lord. Being able to have enough faith to allow the Lord to work out what is the best for your life. 
   I found the storyline well developed as were all the characters. I especially liked the way the character of Sarah developed from a shy insecure young women into a much stronger, more independent individual. She became a young woman who was no longer willing to settle for what someone else wanted. She was willing to do without rather then do what others thought she should do.
   I would recommend this book to lovers of Amish fiction or anyone who likes a good Christian story. This is the first book in a patch of heaven series and I will anxiously await the next installment.
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