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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Interview with Jim Bronyaur and a Review of his book If Errands Could Kill

It is my pleasure to introduce Jim Bronyaur, author of If Errands Could Kill (Minivan Mom Mystery Series), among other works. He has graciously agreed to stop by today and answer some questions about his new book. Let's get started.

1- Tell us a little bit about your book If Errands Could Kill.

The book follows stay-at-home mom, Eve Bailey, as she finds herself smack dab in the middle of a murder.  She notices a fellow resident leaves her gas tank open on her car and Eve remembers when she did that last summer, the check engine light in her van came on.  She follows the woman, Janet, hoping to tell her of the error, but Janet ends up driving onto a dirt road, where she meets with a black car and is shot and killed.
The police prefer Eve to stay out of the investigation and when they come up with the theory that it was a drug deal gone wrong, Eve can’t accept that.  She doesn’t believe that Janet was involved with drugs and before Eve knows it, she’s becomes the next target… in the mix of all this, she takes care of her house, her husband, and her three kids… her son, Cody, is in trouble at school for skipping, her youngest daughter, Penny, is convinced she could talk to a goldfish by learning how to speak bubbles, and her oldest daughter, Delaney, is preparing for a championship soccer game.  The only question is will Eve survive to see Delaney’s soccer game?

2- How did you come up with the idea for the book? This is different then your other works.

I had tons of help from my wife.  I’ve always read mysteries – and loved them.  I’m an avid fan of Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine and the like.  I love reading the quick, cozy mysteries, especially ones with themes in them.  I’ve written short mystery stories before – most were more crime based with a touch of thriller in them – so it just came natural to create a mystery series. 
I had the idea for a mystery series and my wife helped me develop the character that became Eve Bailey and we decided to have her as a stay-at-home mom who always finds herself involved with murder. 

3- How many books are you considering for the series?

Right now, we have four books planned.  I’m sure the series will be longer, but right now, we have four in the works.

4- Is Eve Bailey going to be the central character in the other books or will other people come into play?

I’m not sure about this yet, which is why I say we have four books planned.  I know that some series start to feel stale or cliché as they go on, so it almost feels natural to bring someone new in.  I’m afraid though that by the time I get done with the fourth book, I won’t be able to say goodbye to Eve.  That’s the hardest part about writing these books… finding new ways to get Eve involved and keep the suspense without repeating the same story.  I want all these books to be organic… I want them believable.

5- This may sound like an unusual question since Eve is a female. I know you are a stay at home dad. Is the character of Eve loosely based on you?

Well, Eve is based on my wife.  When I’m down in the basement writing, I hear the house alive upstairs.  I know what she goes through to take care of our two sons – and there are plenty days where I’m the stay-at-home dad to the kids, so I get it too.  It’s a tough job raising the kids and taking care of the house. 

6- I know you are a music person. Do you use any particular music to get in the mood for the minivan books? If so, what?

My problem with music, being a music person, is that I sometimes get involved with the music… I’ll start tapping my hands, playing drums on the desk, and before I know it, I’m playing guitar.  If I do listen to music while writing, I keep it low or I listen to something like classical music.  Usually though, I have the television on in the background.  For the first book in the series, If Errands Could Kill, I really wrote it in silence because the story was just there in my mind.  I couldn’t get it out of my head… all the scenes, etc. so I just wrote and wrote.

7- Tell us a little bit about Jim Bronyaur and what makes him tick.

Jim Bronyaur loves words. 

I love writing, that’s all there is to it.  I feel like I’ve been given this chance to break out and write what I want, so that’s what I’m doing.  I’m able to write horror and thriller, and now mystery.  I’m able to create these characters and series and share them with the world.  And so far, the response has been great.  People are asking for the second book – and funny story real quick… we posted the cover for the second book and a bunch of people hurried to Amazon thinking the book was out!  I felt terrible telling them they had to a wait just a little longer.

As far as what makes me tick… life does.  Sometimes it can be fun, sometimes it can be scary, sometimes it can beautiful, but no matter what, it’s always interesting.

8- What does Jim do for fun and relaxation?

For fun, I write more!  I have my serious projects with serious deadlines and when I want to relax a little, I’ll tinker on the side with other projects. 
Aside from writing, there’s always music, which is huge in my life.  Beyond that, exercise… I love to run, lift weights, and most important, play with my two sons.  They inspire me so much with the things they do and say.  But I fully believe that exercising and taking care of your body is important to allow your mind to work properly.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had a breakthrough while running or working out. 

If Errands Could Kill
Jim Bronyaur
Kindle Edition 2012

   Eve is at the bank one day and notices one of the employees she knows is leaving and has left her gas cap open. She follows her so she can tell her and finds herself on a dirt road. A black car pulls alongside Janet and shoots her though the open window. This all unfolds with Eve as a witness.
   Eve calls the police to report the crime. Drugs are found in Janet's car; but Eve doesn't believe she is involved with drugs. Eve turns into an amateur sleuth against the advice of the police and her husband. Of course, she is doing this while taking care of her house and family which includes three children. Eve becomes a target herself. Will she survive to see her oldest daughter's soccer championship game?
   This is a well written story of a stay at home mom who is much to honest and caring, in some ways, for her own good. It is not actually a funny story; but it is funny in the respect of following Eve and her determination to solve the murder of Janet. The things she does and the way she behaves just had me shaking my head. On the other hand, that is what makes the story what it is. The story is well developed and everything just fits into place. I found it a bit scary that this woman feels it is okay to go off on her own trying to solve the murder and that the police do nothing to stop her. Eve is a strong willed individual and I don't think she would have stopped short of being locked up in jail. Despite her husband being an attorney, he has little influence over what she does.
   This is the first book in the minivan mom mystery series. In this episode, we have drugs, murder, kidnapping and bombing. What a way to start a series. If you enjoy mysteries or just a good book for an afternoon read, you can't go wrong with this one. I highly recommend it. I will definitely be watching for the next one in the series.
   I wish to thank the author for providing me with a copy for reading and reviewing purposes. I was not required to write a positive review. I was not compensated in anyway except for receiving the book to review.

I give If Errands Could Kill 5 out of 5 stars


  1. I was really glad to see this book reviewed. Jim's been a hard-working writer that started on short stories (that I know of) and decided it was something he wanted to do all of the time. I don't think many of us have that sort of discipline, to get up, write, write, write.

    Kudos to Jim on all of his books, and for never giving up. This was a great review, Eva.

  2. Thank you Carrie and thank you for stopping by my blog.

  3. Nice interview and the book sounds like a good read.

  4. Thank you Donna and thank you for visiting my blog.